July Calendar Challenge

July's challenge was to post pictures pertaining to vacation. It could be a photo reminding you of a recent trip, a photo to get you excited for an upcoming trip, a photo to represent a dream trip; anything about vacation. 

Here is mine. I took this image on a recent trip back to Pennsylvania. The trip wasn't really for fun, it was for a funeral for my grandmother. As sad as the occasion may have been, the time I got to spend with family was great and a much needed break. It's funny how sometimes traveling for work, or less than fun reasons, can end up being some of your favorite travel memories. So while in Pennsylvania, I spent some time with my mom at her second-hand, antique store, and she showed me this small travel bag filled to the brim with, clearly, what this woman thought were essential travel items. I was so fascinated by the items crammed in her carry on, that I just had to photograph them. Some of my favorite items to note: the Town House Hotel complimentary travel supply pack which includes two different kinds of cigarettes, the always needed white eyeliner pencil (I imagine her using it as an eyebrow pencil), and the rubber travel slippers. 

You all made me so jealous with your vacation past, future, and present photos. I hope you enjoyed seeing everyone's photos as well. Check them out below in case you missed any. I look forward to seeing what August has in store for you!