May Calendar Challenge

Patience was the theme of May's calendar challenge. Its something we use everyday without even noticing it. The only time we really even notice patience is when we start to loose it. Obviously its always easier to loose something than to find it, so actively practicing patience can be a real challenge, all photos aside. 

This month I had people contact me about how they were practicing patience on the job, in their relationships, with family, with friends, even with day to day life. Some of you were able to capture that in photos, some of you were just able to acknowledge what was testing your patience and find ways to take a step back and deal with those things. 

I'm no saint, and I can loose my cool just as easy as anyone, so the best we can do is keep on keeping on and try to exercise patience when it is most apparent it is needed. I'm rooting for all of us!

If you didn't get a chance to check out the making of video from the May calendar image, check it out in the previous post. Also, check out some of the images you all submitted!