March Calendar Challenge

March was super fun, getting to see everyone's collections. We even had some friends without calendars contribute their collections, super cool!

For those of you that haven't guessed, last month's challenge was to photograph your  collections. Collections are fascinating to me because I like to hear how people begin collecting, and the importance your collection holds in your life. My collection is vintage cameras. My grandfather is the one that actually started collecting them for me knowing that I was going off to college for a degree in photography. Aside from the collection he curated for me, I have been honored to have been given my Aunt's camera, a Pentax K1000, which I used my entire college career. Also, my great grandmother's vintage kodak, which was purchased for her by my great grandfather by taking on a second job. I also own my grandmother's first video camera. 

My collection of vintage cameras.

My collection of vintage cameras.

I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing what other people collect. Check out the #fig8studiophotochallenge submission below, and I hope to see your April photos soon!

Disclaimer: The April calendars went out in the mail today, so watch for them soon. Sorry they are late, I will be sure to get May started much earlier!